Alignment:Chaotic Good
Other Names:
  • Astar (merkitsa)
  • Astarin (Silvanesti)
  • Astra (Qualinesti)
  • Baradin (Irda)
  • Bardilun (Thorbardin)
  • The Bard King
  • Bran (Ergoth, Taladas)
  • Estarin (Sea Elves)
  • Gardener (Mithas)
  • Song of Life
  • Songmaster (Goodlund)
  • Golden bard’s harp
  • Wooden flute
Celestial Symbol:Harp Constellation
Portfolio:Elves, kender, music, harmony, poetry, forests, beauty, weather, luck, the disenfranchised
Common Aspects:
  • A woodsman
  • A ranger
  • A bard
  • A druid
Colors:Yellow, green

Branchala, also known as the Bard King, is a deity in the Dragonlance universe. He is a god of music, poetry, and the arts, and is associated with creativity, beauty, and harmony. As a member of the good-aligned pantheon of gods, Branchala encourages the pursuit of artistic endeavors to inspire hope, compassion, and understanding among the people of Krynn.

Branchala is often depicted as a handsome, charismatic, and youthful elf or half-elf, carrying a lute or other musical instrument. His divine symbol is a golden heart, representing his connection to beauty, love, and inspiration. He is known to be joyful and full of energy, embodying the spirit of song and dance.

The followers of Branchala include bards, minstrels, poets, and other artists who seek to bring joy, wisdom, and enlightenment through their creative works. These individuals view art as a way to bridge the gaps between races and cultures, fostering unity and understanding. Temples dedicated to Branchala are often filled with beautiful murals, sculptures, and music, providing a space for artistic expression and creativity.

As a god of the arts, Branchala teaches his followers the importance of beauty, inspiration, and creativity in the world. He encourages them to share their talents and spread joy through their art, helping to make the world a better place. Through his teachings and influence, Branchala and his followers contribute to the rich tapestry of culture and creativity in the world of Krynn.


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