Other Names:Anvil (Elian)

  • Dougan Redhammer
  • Forge
  • Sammakax (Irda)
  • Tamer of Chaos
  • The Weaponmaster (Mithas)
  • World Smith
Symbol:Forging hammer, a smith’s hammer.
Celestial Symbol:The planet Reorx.

Reorx is a significant deity in the world of Krynn, as depicted in the Dragonlance series. He is known as the god of creation, invention, and craftsmanship, and is revered by the dwarves, gnomes, and kender. Reorx is associated with the element of fire and is often depicted as a skilled blacksmith or metalworker.

Reorx is part of the Neutral pantheon in the Dragonlance setting, which means he is neither wholly good nor wholly evil. His primary concern is the advancement of artisanship and the creative process. As such, he is revered by those who value skilled craftsmanship, ingenuity, and hard work.

In the Dragonlance mythos, Reorx is responsible for creating the first dwarves from the mountain stone, and the gnomes from the earth. He also played a crucial role in the creation of the Graygem, a powerful artifact that brought chaos to Krynn when it was shattered.

Reorx is often portrayed as a stout, muscular dwarf with a fiery beard, wearing a blacksmith’s apron and carrying a large hammer. He is a patient and wise deity, guiding his followers to constantly improve their skills and encouraging them to learn from their mistakes. In addition to the dwarves, gnomes, and kender, many artisans, blacksmiths, and inventors pay homage to Reorx for inspiration and guidance in their work.

Reorx, as a prominent deity in the Dragonlance setting, has additional aspects and stories associated with him. Here are a few more details about this complex god:

  1. Reorx’s divine symbol: Reorx’s symbol is a forging hammer, representing his role as the master blacksmith and the god of creation and craftsmanship.
  2. Reorx and the Graygem: Reorx played a crucial role in the creation of the Graygem of Gargath, a powerful artifact that contained the essence of Chaos, the father of all gods. He forged the gem at the request of the High God to imprison Chaos and maintain balance in the world. However, the gem was ultimately stolen and released Chaos into the world, causing numerous catastrophes and transformations among the races of Krynn.
  3. Reorx’s curse on the gnomes: According to Dragonlance lore, the gnomes were initially human engineers and inventors. Reorx was frustrated with their arrogance and refusal to acknowledge his guidance. He cursed them, turning them into the gnomes they are today – beings obsessed with innovation and constant tinkering, often to a comical degree. This transformation also led to the creation of the kender, an offshoot race of the gnomes.
  4. Reorx’s teachings: As the god of creation and craftsmanship, Reorx values diligence, persistence, and the mastery of skills. He encourages his followers to learn from their mistakes and continually strive for improvement. He also urges them to share their knowledge and skills with others, fostering creativity and innovation.
  5. The Hammer of Kharas: One of Reorx’s most famous creations is the Hammer of Kharas, a legendary weapon wielded by a dwarven hero named Kharas during the War of the Lance. This artifact symbolizes the unity of the dwarven people and is a powerful tool for diplomacy and warfare. The story of Kharas and his hammer is an essential part of dwarven history and Reorx’s influence in Krynn.

Reorx’s presence in the Dragonlance universe is felt through the various races that revere him and the many artifacts and stories connected to him. As a god of creation, invention, and craftsmanship, he has a lasting impact on the world of Krynn and its inhabitants.


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