Chislev by Psycha Durmont.
Other Names:Askyren (Kyrie)

  • The Beast
  • Chisel Wilder (Arktos)
  • Kisla the Mother of Sea Creatures (Sea Elves)
  • Kradock (Highlanders)
  • Krik’k lettz / Siarrlas the Scaled One (Bakali)
  • Wild One (Mithas)
  • Winged Mother (Kyrie)
  • World Mother
  • Jijin (Uigan)
  • Quoyai (merkitsa)
Symbol:A feather of brown, yellow, and green
Celestial Symbol:The planet Chislev, which is a bright yellow star in the south

  • instinct
Colors:Brown, yellow, and green

Chislev ( kiz-lev or chiz-lev) is nature incarnate and the divine power of instinct. The animals and plants of Krynn revere Chislev, who is said to be their mother. Chislev is patron to many druids and rangers. Chislev extends her divinity to the world of Krynn, feeling all that is done to it. Her moods change with the seasons, and her fury is directed at those who abuse the wild, especially in unnatural ways.

Chislev has few clerics (who mainly live in farming communities), instead being served mainly by hermit-like, forest-dwelling druids.

Chislev and Zivilyn love each other profoundly. Chislev despises Zeboim, and is allied with Habbakuk. She also opposes Shinare, goddess of industry. She despises Morgion’s cultists.


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