Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Other Names:Akh-tazi (Yaggol)

  • The Betrayer (Mithas)
  • The Broken Scales
  • Hidex the False (Khur)
  • Hitax the Flaw (Thorbardin)
  • Hu-del (Balifor)
  • Lord of Demons
  • M’Fistos (Istar)
  • Prince of Lies
  • Usk-Do (Hobgoblins)
  • Usa the Mighty (Hoor People)
Symbol:Broken merchant scales
Celestial Symbol:Broken scales constellation
Portfolio:Evil business practices, damned spirits, greed, slavery, thieves, lies, secrets, betrayal, exploitation, ill gotten wealth, deals
Common Aspects:An obese man with cold, beady eyes and an oily smile

  • a bumbling merchant with loose lips and a tight purse
  • a roguish aristocrat or courtier
  • a red skinned horned man in black robes with a barbed tail
  • often takes the form of an actual person close to a powerful figure
Colors:Red, bone

Hiddukel (hid-doo-keel) is the deity of exploitation and ill-gotten wealth and deals. He is patron to dishonest merchants, businessmen and thieves. It is said that he is the only god who can barter with Takhisis and come out ahead. Hiddukel continuously seeks to make bargains in exchange for the souls of mortals.

Hiddukel was called from the Beyond by Takhisis. He is a coward at heart, and gets along well with the other gods of Evil, as he always diverts attentions elsewhere if any of them suspect his duplicity. He is despised by Reorx for tricking him into creating the Greygem.

During the War of the Lance, his followers work to “welcome” visitors to the Dark Queen’s Temple.


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