Prisoner of Haven

Prisoner of Haven

“Prisoner of Haven” is a novel written by Nancy Varian Berberick and published in 2004 as part of the “Age of Mortals” series in the Dragonlance setting. It is the fourth book in the “Sovereign Stone Trilogy.” Here’s a brief summary of the story:

In “Prisoner of Haven,” the once-peaceful city of Haven has fallen under the control of a dark force. The malevolent spirit of Malys, an evil dragon, has infiltrated the city and now holds its citizens in a state of fear and oppression. The once-vibrant and bustling city has become a place of darkness and despair, with its people suffering under the iron grip of Malys’s minions.

The story follows the adventures of a group of unlikely heroes who come together to free the city of Haven from this evil influence. Among them are Palin Majere, a powerful wizard and nephew of the legendary hero Raistlin Majere, and Usha, a young woman with a mysterious past who possesses extraordinary abilities.

As the heroes embark on their quest to save Haven, they face a myriad of challenges, from treacherous terrain to hostile creatures and sinister plots. They must navigate the dangers of the city and unravel the web of deceit woven by Malys and her minions, all while struggling with their own personal demons and the weight of their responsibility.

In “Prisoner of Haven,” Nancy Varian Berberick crafts a tale of hope, courage, and the power of friendship set against the backdrop of a city in peril. The novel explores themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the struggle against evil, offering a thrilling and engaging story for fans of the Dragonlance series.

Detailed Information:

  • Publisher: TSR/Wizards of the Coast
  • Catalog #: 966000000
  • ISBN: 0786933275
  • Type: Novel
  • Print Edition: 1st
  • Status: Available
  • Pub. Date: Jun 2004
  • Pages: 320
  • Timeline: 421 AC (38 SC)