Other Names:Tree of Life

  • Wise One (Mithas)
  • World Tree
Symbol:A great green and gold tree.
Celestial Symbol:The planet Zivilyn.

Zivilyn is deity of wisdom, enlightenment, and insight. His realm is awareness, balance, and understanding. His branches reach into every time and place in the River of Time, into the past and into the future. He exists in all times and places simultaneously, and is wisest of the gods.

Zivilyn was called from the Beyond by the High God to serve as counselor to Gilean, to give insight to his mate Chislev’s instinct, and to bear witness to the world and share this divine experience with mortals.

Zivilyn opposes the consuming hatred by deities such as Sargonnas and Takhisis, and the martial ambition of Kiri-Jolith, but calls no god his enemy. Many believe that The World Tree is the physical manifestation of Zivilyn, upon the world of Krynn.


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