The Lake of Death

The Lake of Death

“The Lake of Death” is a novel written by Jean Rabe and published in 1998 as part of the “Age of Mortals” series in the Dragonlance setting. It is the sixth book in the “Dragons of a New Age” sub-series. Here’s a brief summary of the story:

In “The Lake of Death,” the story revolves around the theft of the world of Krynn’s remaining dragon eggs. These dragon eggs are crucial for the future of the dragons, as they are the last of their kind. The protagonists, a group of heroes led by the half-elf Dhamon Grimwulf, are on a mission to retrieve the stolen eggs and save the dragon race from extinction.

As they continue their quest, the heroes find themselves near the mysterious Lake of Death, a large, eerie lake that is rumored to be cursed. The waters of the lake are toxic and deadly, and legends speak of an ancient city that was destroyed and submerged beneath its surface.

Their journey takes them through treacherous terrain, and they face various challenges, including navigating through the hostile territory of the ogres, who have taken control of the region. Along the way, the heroes learn more about the dark forces at work in the world of Krynn and the true nature of the evil they must confront.

The novel explores themes of hope, sacrifice, and the struggle between good and evil, as the heroes fight to save the future of the dragons and restore balance to the world of Krynn. Jean Rabe weaves a compelling tale set in the rich and diverse Dragonlance universe, combining action, adventure, and engaging character development.

Detailed Information:

  • Publisher: TSR/Wizards of the Coast
  • Catalog #: 175800000
  • ISBN: 078693364X
  • Type: Novel
  • Print Edition: 1st
  • Status: Available
  • Pub. Date: Oct 2004
  • Pages: 320
  • Timeline: 422 AC (39 SC)