Alignment:Lawful Good
Other Names:Amekht-Mul

  • Auros (Nylgai Hadirnoe)
  • Beacon (Mithas)
  • Dolensias (Shiudro)
  • God’s Eye (Thorbardin)
  • Ilman-Solri
  • Ivory Disk (Hylo)
  • The Mighty Hand
  • Sokilrandimiquarthol (Gnomoi)
  • Soli (Ancient Plainsmen)
  • Solin (Ergoth)
  • Solinu (Irda)
  • Solis/Solais (Imperial League)
  • Soranus
  • Toyaqual (Uigan)
  • White-eye (Goodlund / Balifor)
Symbol:White or silver circle or sphere
Celestial Symbol:Silver moon
Portfolio:Good magic, abjuration, divination
Common Aspects:An ancient, white-robed wizard
Colors:White or silver

Solinari (so-lin-ah-ree) is the god of good magic, and is sponsor to the Order of the White Robes. Once the divine power of vigilance, he has since removed himself from the heavens to be closer to the mortal realm. Solinari is a patient god, slow to act, preferring always to let matters sort themselves over time. Once he makes a decision, he does so boldly and fearlessly. Through these acts he has prevented his cousins from making rash decisions, even to their great ire.

Solinari is the son of Paladine and Mishakal, and brother to Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk. He regularly interacts with Lunitari and Nuitari.

Age of Might

Solinari actively worked to prove to the other gods that magic on Krynn was not an abomination. He was one of the few Gods of Light that saw that the Kingpriest was upsetting the balance and disaster would be coming.

Age of Mortals

Following the War of Souls, Solinari was deeply saddened by his father’s choice to become mortal. He offered to have his followers protect Valthonis, but he was refused. Instead, he ordered his followers that if they ever ran into Valthonis on Krynn that they must assist him in whatever is needed. He was also deeply fearful of the return of sorcery, and is allied with his cousin Nuitari in wanting it to be removed. He encourages his White Robes to approach sorcerers on friendly terms and to try and convince them to join the Conclave.


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