Alignment:Lawful Good
Other Names:
  • Amman-Duke (Irda)
  • The Bison of Heaven
  • Carnid (Istaran Church)
  • Corij (Ergoth)
  • Emperor
  • Ever-Watcher (Falthana)
  • Fan-ka-tso (Falthana)
  • The Horned One (Istar)
  • Immortal General
  • Kijo the Blade (Thorbardin)
  • Jolith (Kharolis, Tarsis, Imperial League)
  • Qu’an the Warrior (Uigan)
  • Quetzal (Nordmaar)
  • Emperor (Mithas)
  • The Sword of Justice
  • Bison’s horns
  • Horned battle axe
Celestial Symbol:Bison head constellation
Portfolio:War, justice, honour, battle, courage, heroism, solidarity
Common Aspects:Knight of Solamnia

  • a soldier or man-at-arms
  • a huge, axe wielding minotaur
Colors:Brown, white

Kiri-Jolith (_kee_-ree-_jo_-lith) represents the divine power of unity. He is patron to warriors and soldiers who work with their companions to fight evil and combat injustice. He is representative of the virtues of courage and honor. In essence, he is the god of holy warfare.

Kiri-Jolith is the patron deity to the Knights of the Sword, and has taken over as patron to all the Knights of Solamnia after the War of Souls. He is also patron to the minotaurs, who revere him as “Emperor”. Though he opposes Sargonnas, he also respects him as well and has fought beside him during the Chaos War against the mad god Chaos.

Kiri-Jolith is the twin brother to Habbakuk, brother to Solinari, and son of Paladine and Mishakal.


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