Flint Fireforge

Flint Fireforge

Flint Fireforge

Flint (bottom left) with Sturm Brightblade
AliasFlint the King
BirthJanuary 11, 203 AC
Death352 AC
RaceNeidar Dwarf
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorSteel-blue
OccupationHero of the Lance
ParentsDurgar Fireforge
SiblingsAylmar Fireforge

  • Ruberik Fireforge
  • Glynnis Fireforge
  • Bernhard Fireforge
  • Tybalt Fireforge
  • Jeth Fireforge
  • Fidelia Fireforge

Flint Fireforge (flint fire-forge)( January 11, 203 AC – 352 AC ) was the second of thirteen children, and the descendant of the great Reghar Fireforge from the village of Hillhome. Flint’s older brother was Aylmar Fireforge, and some of his younger siblings were Ruberik Fireforge, Glynnis Fireforge, Bernhard Fireforge, Tybalt Fireforge, Jeth Fireforge, and Fidelia Fireforge; all from the Fireforge Clan of Hillhome. The names of Flint’s parents were one thing that had been a mystery for a long time. His mother was simply referred to as MaMa and his father is named Durgar Fireforge. One thing of note was that his father fought during the Dwarfgate War against the Mountain Dwarves, and this was a huge reason for Flint’s hatred of the mountain dwarves. Two of his nephews were Basalt Fireforge and Jasper Fireforge.

Flint was just over half the heighth of an elf in size, with a barrel-shaped chest, forge-hardened arms twice the size of any elf’s arms, a thick black beard, and steel-blue eyes. Flint was known to be queasy about heights, scared to death of boats and water, habit of talking to himself, and allergic to horses.

Flint shaped toys out of wood for children, which he would then gave away without charging a cent. His metal working skills were some of the best in Abanasinia, and many people now prize his works after his death. Flint fought with his trusty Battle-Axe and was also able to pick some easy locks. He could speak Common, Dwarven, and some Elvish. One item of note that Flint had was the Helm of Griffon’s Mane.



  • 1 Early Life
  • 2 Returning Home
  • 3 War of the Lance
  • 4 Time After Flint’s Death
  • 5 References

Early Life

Flint Fireforge was born on the family farm in Hillhome, where he worked the farm doing normal farm chores. When he was younger, he hated doing the chores and often tricked his younger siblings into working for him. He would receive training in blacksmithing from his older brother Aylmar Fireforge, and became quiet close to him during this time. In Flint’s youth the two adventured around the Kharolis Mountains hoping to find treasure.

On one of their adventures Flint and his brother discovered a Hobgoblin cave. After killing many of the hobgoblins they discovered the treasure pile of the clan. Sitting on top of the pile was a gleaming axe, which Aylmar took while Flint, stuffed his pockets with gems and coins. The two named the axe, the Tharkan Axe since they were near the dwarven stronghold of Pax Tharkas.

Many years later on Flint’s Fullbeard Day, Aylmar presented the Tharkan Axe to Flint as a gift. Aylmar was forced to retire from adventuring at an early age, because of a heart condition, and told Flint that “considering the girlish way you fight, boy, you need this a lot more’n me.” Flint would later lose the axe in a Wight barrow mound fighting the wights.

In early spring of 288 AC, Flint was relaxing in his new hometown of Solace, when he was approached by an elf from Qualinesti. The Speaker of the Sun Solostaran Kanan had purchased one of Flint’s metal works and wanted Flint to come to Qualinost to do some work for him. Flint saw his mark on the item, a stamp of “Solace” and the year it was made, and agreed to come to the elven nation.

When he arrived in Qualinost, Flint took an instant liking to a half-elf he met named Tanis. Over the years that Flint traveled back and forth to the elven city, they became close friends, and Flint even taught Tanis how to do metal working. He also created a close friendship with Solostaran.

Flint took the summer trip to Qualinost over the next twenty years. He got himself a mule who he named Fleetfoot. During this trip in 308 AC, Flint was attacked by a tylor, and as Flint and Fleetfoot were running from it they stumbled upon a Sla Mori and were transported straight into the Tower of the Sun. He reported to the Speaker and the assembled people that he was chased by a tylor, which set up a huge hunt.

Flint and Tanis both volunteered to go on the hunt and encountered the tylor, which killed Xenoth but was killed by Miral. Following the battle they found one of Tanis’s arrows in Xenoth’s chest. Tanis was taken into custody, but freed when they get back from the city.

When Eld Ailea was murdered, again blame was put onto Tanis because of his heritage. Solostaran charged Flint with finding the real killer since Flint didn’t think Tanis did it. Flint searched for a few days before finding that Miral was really Arelas Kanan who wanted to rule all of Qualinesti. Flint and Tanis were able to foil this plot and clear Tanis’s name. Flint returned to Solace and Tanis decided to leave Qualinost to live in Solace with Flint.

While living in Solace, Flint temporarily took Tika Waylan into his home. Tika was a young girl whose parents were no longer a part of her life. Flint made toys for her and eventually Otik Sandeth adopted her.

Flint had a deadly terror of crossing any body of water due to an unfortunate camping trip on the shores of Crystalmir Lake in 345 AC. While on a boat, Caramon decided he would catch a fish with his bare hands, but leaned too far over, and everyone fell overboard. Flint dove into the water after Caramon, who couldn’t swim and hadn’t surfaced. When Flint didn’t surface, Tas dove in and dragged Flint to the surface. From that time on, Flint vowed never to get into another boat for the rest of his life.

Later in the year 345 AC, Flint traveled to Karthay with the other Companions to assist in stopping the minotaurs from trying to take over Ansalon. During their trip, a half-ogre named Kirsig thought that Flint was really cute. Flint grew fond of her, but she was later killed a minotaur, and Flint was very saddened by this.

Returning Home

Flint planned on staying in Solace the winter following the departure of the Companions. As he was purchasing materials to winterize his home, he met a dwarven merchant, Hanuk, who told Flint of a deal between Flint’s hometown of Hillhome and the Theiwar. Flint then traveled to Hillhome, during which he ran into Theiwar wagon drivers, and learned that the story of Hillhome doing business with the Theiwar was true.

Upon entering Hillhome, Flint headed to Moldoon’s Tavern to find out more about the deal with the mountain dwarves. He learned that Mayor Holden had created a favorable trade agreement with the Theiwar that allowed them to use the Passroad. Flint was outraged by this even though the Theiwar were paying good money for the use of the town’s road.

As Flint was about to depart from the tavern, the village simpleton, Garth entered the tavern and mistaken Flint for his older brother Aylmar Fireforge. Flint then learned from Moldoon that his older brother had died from a heart attack while working on Theiwar wagons in Delwar’s Forge.

Flint returned home to an uncomfortable greeting, and an impromptu gathering at the Fireforge Family home outside of Hillhome. It was during this gathering that he grew suspicious of his brother death and began to wonder why his brother, who was outspoken against the Theiwar, was working for them. Also during this time his favorite nephew, Basalt Fireforge, accused Flint of not caring about the family.

The next day Flint visit’s Moldoon’s Tavern and learned more about the deal between the Theiwar and Neidar. He also learned that Basalt was at Moldoon’s drinking instead of with his father the night he died. Moldoon explained to Flint that Basalt felt guilty for his father’s death. While they discussed things, Basalt arrived and began to accuse Flint again of being a bad brother. The two of them get into a fistfight in which Flint knocked Basalt down. After the fight, Flint began to discuss why the Theiwar were guarding Delwar’s Forge, and wonders why they needed guards.

Flint then broke into Delwar’s Forge and searched the wagons for their true contents. He located a secret compartment in the wagons that contained weapons. He was discovered first by Garth, who Flint tricked into making believe that he was Aylmer, and scared him off. The second group to discover him were some Theiwar wagon drivers. Flint escaped, and killed one of the drivers, but lost his boots in the process.

He spent a night away from the Fireforge home trying to decide his next move. Flint decided to travel back home where Bertina Fireforge gave Flint a pair of Aylmer’s old boots. Tybalt Fireforge arrived at the Fireforge home shortly after Flint, and told Flint he needs to leave or be arrested. Flint left the village and traveled to Thorbardin to find out the real reason the Theiwar were sending out secret shipments.

On his way to Thorbardin, Flint was attacked by a troll, and was saved by Basalt. The two journeyed towards Thorbardin, but as they neared it, Flint ordered Basalt to stay behind. Once inside of Thorbardin, Flint was captured by Theiwar dwarves and jailed as a spy. The Theiwar Pitrick decided to get rid of Flint by throwing him into the Beast Pit, but before he was thrown in, the Captain of the House Guard, Perian Cyprium, tried to talk Pitrick out of throwing Flint in.

Pitrick decided to throw both of them into the pit, and they tumbled to the bottom of the pit. At the bottom of the pit they encountered a carrion crawler, which Flint managed to chase away. Also down there was a colony of Aghar dwarves living in a community called Mudhole.

The gully dwarves decided that Flint and Perian would fulfill an ancient prophecy, and made them the new rulers of their colony. They became the king and queen of Mudhole, and were renamed King Flunk II, and Queen Furryend I. Both Flint and Perian were disgusted by the idea originally, but after having been attacked by Pitrick, decided to use the gully dwarves to defend Hillhome from an upcoming attack.

Flint devised a gully dwarf army to journey back to Hillhome to help defend it. Before they left to return home to Hillhome, Flint and Perian became romantically involved, and began to make plans together. Perian gave Flint the Tharkan Axe, which she had found in the pit, to him as a gift at dinner the night before they were planning on leaving.

They then led the army back to Hillhome together, but on the way there, they encountered a party of the Theiwar army, called the Silver Swords, and attacked them. The Silver Swords chased the gully dwarves onto a frozen lake and surrounded them. The ice on the lake cracked and the Silver Swords were unable to swim, and drowned. The gully dwarves easily swam to safety.

When Flint arrived back at Hillhome, he learned of Moldoon’s death, and of the Theiwar’s arrests. He then helped devise a plan for the defense of the city, including building an earthen barricade to slow the Theiwar’s down. Also he planned to use fire to blind the Theiwar, and had his brother Ruberick Fireforge shoot the barrel that will cause a bright light.

During the Battle of Hillhome, Flint witnessed several deaths, including the gully dwarf [[Garf],] and his brother Bernard Fireforge, who died saving Flint. The battle forced the defenders to retreat to Bowlderston’s Brewery, where Perian was slain by Pitrick. Flint then used the Tharkan Axe to kill Pitrick, which caused the axe to superheat.

Before the axe was destroyed, Hildy Bowlderston deciphered the language on the axe, and explaining that it will last until used by a dwarf against a dwarf. The remains of the axe then blew away from the courtyard as Flint grieved for his lost love, his brother, and the valiant dwarves who died.

The gully dwarf Nomscul then removed Flint from the throne of Mudhole because he did not have a queen anymore. Perian was laid to rest in the Fireforge burial grounds, as was Flint’s brother Bernhard. After spending some time in Hillhome, Flint then returned to Solace.

War of the Lance

After five long years, Flint met up with Tanis and Tas outside of Solace before entering their home city. They were confronted by goblins, which the three defeated very easily. Flint and his friends then continued on to the Inn of the Last Home. While resting at the Inn, they were confronted by the drunken Hederick, High Theocrat of Solace. Hederick subsequently fell into the fireplace, and the kender, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, tried to knock down Hederick with a disguised Blue Crystal Staff. This caused two things to happen: Hederick was healed of all injuries, and the staff’s true nature was revealed. An old man yelled that Goldmoon and Riverwind were wanted, since the local lord Toede had been seeking the Blue Crystal Staff.

The Companions barely escaped from being captured, and continued on a path that led them to Xak Tsaroth. Riverwind then remembered that this was the place where he found the Blue Crystal Staff. In Xak Tsaroth, the Black Dragon Khisanth nearly killed Riverwind, but Goldmoon used the staff to save him from the brink of death.

Flint returned to Solace with the Companions, where they were captured and imprisoned by Toede, and sent off to Pax Tharkas to work as slaves,. Flint and the other Companions were freed from the slave caravan by elves from Qualinesti, where they went to relax before deciding to assault Pax Tharkas to free the slaves there. The companions snuck into the fortress of Pax Tharkas through the Sla Mori, where they freed the slaves from the mines, defeated the Dragon Highlord Verminaard, and fled with the refugees into the Kharolis Mountains while pursued by the Dragonarmies.

After recovering the Hammer of Kharas from the depths of Thorbardin, the companions, and the Human Refugees of Pax Tharkas, were allowed to stay in the underground dwarven realm for the winter. The Companions then set out for the city of Tarsis to see if they could commission ships to transport the refugees back to Abanasinia. However, upon reaching the city, the companions discovered it to be landlocked and under the control of the dragonarmy. Shortly after their arrival in the city, the companions were split up, and survived an attack on the city by the Red Dragonarmy, and a detachment of Blue Dragons, commanded by the Blue Lady.

Flint traveled with Tas, Gilthanas, Laurana, Sturm Brightblade, and the Knights of Solamnia Derek Crownguard, Brian Donner, and Aran Tallbow to Icereach. While en route to find a Dragon Orb, Flint and the Companions experienced the dream that Tanis and their other friends had when they ventured into in the Silvanesti forest. In the dream, Flint was killed by Tika from her careless sword swinging. He didn’t actually die, but the memory felt very real. In Icewall Castle, the group confronted and killed Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas, and took the dragon orb from that cold region. They boarded a ship and made their way to the Isle of Sancrist. During the trip, Flint got sick and felt like he was going to die.

Their ship crashed on Southern Ergoth, and they were captured by Silvanesti Elves. They were then turned over to the Qualinesti Elves, that were also on the island, and were imprisoned. Laurana assisted in helping him and the others escape from the elves, and they ran off into the mountains to get to a Solamnic castle located on another part of the island. While in the mountains, Sturm and Derek took the orb with them to the fortress, while Gilthanas, Silvara, Laurana, Flint, and Tas took another route through the mountains to throw off the pursuing elves.

They came to a strange place with a dragon carving outside of a cave. Flint and the others, save for Tas, fell under a sleep spell shortly after they entered the mountain cave. Upon waking, Flint promptly fainted upon seeing Fizban, who was supposed to be dead. When he awoke later, he watched Tas go off with Fizban. Flint then agreed to travel back with Laurana to assist in talking with the Knights about what to do with the orb.

After the meeting of the Whitestone Council, Flint traveled with Laurana, Sturm, and Tas to the High Clerist’s Tower. There they set up a hasty defense for the oncoming dragonarmy hordes. Flint fought bravely against the dragonarmies, and the Tower’s forces were able to repel the armies when Laurana used a dragon orb that was found in the tower. Sadly, Sturm sacrificed himself in single combat against the Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar.

Following the win at the High Clerist’s Tower, Flint returned with Laurana to Palanthas, where they were welcomed back as heroes. Laurana was promoted to General of the Whitestone Army, and Flint and Tas were “given” a dragon named Khirsah to ride into battle. Flint was scared to death, but Khirsah was able to get him into the saddle. They rode off to battle and, in the Vingaard Campaign, captured a Dragonarmy officer named Bakaris.

They rode in to liberate Kalaman and were again celebrated as heroes. Flint agreed to go with Laurana after she received a secret letter for parlay to trade Bakaris for Tanis. Laurana was captured by the forces of evil, but Flint and Tas were allowed to go back to the city of Kalaman. There, they met up with the other Companions and agreed to take Berem to Neraka.

On their way to Neraka, Berem escaped and Flint gave chase. As he chased Berem through Godhome, Flint’s heart finally failed him and he suffered a massive heart attack. As he lay dying, he looked up at Fizban, and saw him for who he really was. Flint asked Fizban to assist him in leaving Ansalon. Fizban carried Flint to the black pool in Godhome and together they disappeared.

Time After Flint’s Death

Flint’s spirit was known to have been resting under a tree near Reorx’s forge in the heavens, waiting for the time when his friends would return to him. Following the War of Souls, he is finally reunited with all his Companions and friends.


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