Alignment:Neutral Good
Other Names:
  • Bearer of Light
  • The Blue Lady (Balifor/ Hylo)
  • Empress (Mithas)
  • Healer in the Home (Kharolis/ Tarsis)
  • Healing Hand
  • Ildamar the Earthspirit (Armach)
  • Ka-Mel-Sha
  • Ke-en (Sea Elves)
  • Lady of Tears (Falthana)
  • Lightbringer (Solamnia)
  • Magea (Irda)
  • Mesalax (Thorbardin)
  • Meshal (Icewall)
  • Mishas (Ergoth)
  • Mislaxa (Taladas)
  • Mixactli (Nordmaar)
  • Quen Illumini (Qualinesti)
  • Quenesti Pah (Silvanesti)
  • Skymistress (Goodlund)
  • White Lady (Bündesphar)
  • Blue infinity symbol
Celestial Symbol:Infinity symbol constellation
Portfolio:Healing, the home, compassion, knowledge, fertility, life, beauty, blessing, love, childbirth
Common Aspects:A beautiful woman in excellent health and physical condition in sky blue robes

  • a matronly or grandmotherly woman in a faded blue smock
  • a blue eyed child with silver-blonde hair
  • a female knight or warrior in gleaming silver-blue plate mail
  • her presence deepens natural blues around her
Colors:Sky blue

Mishakal, sometimes spelled as Mishikal, is a significant deity in the Dragonlance universe. She is the goddess of healing, compassion, and restoration, and is known as the Light Bringer and the Healing Hand. As a member of the good-aligned pantheon of gods, Mishakal encourages the pursuit of mercy, empathy, and nurturing to ease the suffering of others.

Mishakal is often depicted as a beautiful and gentle woman, radiating warmth and kindness. Her divine symbol is the infinity sign, representing her eternal love and compassion for the people of Krynn. She is married to Paladine, the chief god of the good pantheon, and is the mother of Habbakuk, the god of nature and animals, and Kiri-Jolith, the god of war and courage.

The followers of Mishakal include healers, clerics, and others who seek to bring comfort and solace to the sick and the suffering. Her worshipers are devoted to the healing arts, both magical and mundane, and work tirelessly to alleviate pain and restore health. Temples dedicated to Mishakal serve as sanctuaries for the sick and injured, providing care and refuge for those in need.

In the Dragonlance series, Mishakal plays a crucial role in the return of the true gods to Krynn after their long absence during the Cataclysm. In the Chronicles trilogy, she appears in the form of an ancient, wise woman, guiding the heroes and granting them the power of healing. Through her intervention, the heroes are able to rediscover the lost power of the gods and bring hope back to the world.

Mishakal’s presence in the Dragonlance universe is felt through the compassion and healing she brings to the people of Krynn. Her influence encourages individuals to look beyond their own needs and work together to heal the wounds of the world.


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