Tika Waylan Majere

Tika Waylan Majere

Tika Waylan Majere
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  • Tika Waylan
Birth23 October, 332 AC
DeathWinter, 420 AC
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorGreen

  • Rogue
SpouseCaramon Majere (Younger)
ChildrenTanin Majere

  • Sturm Majere
  • Palin Majere
  • Laura Majere
  • Dezra Majere
ParentsAlleran Waylan

Tika Waylan Majere (TEE-ka WAY-lun mah-_jeer_ ) (23 October, 332 AC – Winter, 420 AC) was born the daughter of the magician known as Alleran Waylan and one of Otik Sandath’s barmaids. Her father ran out on her mother, who simply couldn’t take care of her, and she was adopted by Otik. There is another story that Tika’s mother died during childbirth, and was raised by her father. Tika married Caramon Majere and had three sons and two daughters. Her sons were Tanin Majere, Sturm Majere, and Palin Majere, and her daughters were Laura Majere and Dezra Majere. She was pregnant in 353 AC, but miscarried to the great sadness of both her and Caramon.

In her teenage years she was a rosy-cheeked girl with eager eyes and curly, short-cropped dark red hair. She had a willowy form, green eyes, and freckles on her face. In her later years, her red hair started getting silver streaks through it and she had a plumper figure than in the past, but she still turned heads and had an infectious smile.



  • 1 Early Years
  • 2 War of the Lance
  • 3 Time Leading up to the Age of Mortals
  • 4 Age of Mortals
  • 5 Skills
  • 6 Kender Tales
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Early Years

She was the daughter of a part-time Illusionist and full-time Thief who disappeared, leaving her to fend for herself. Like all children of Solace, she was quite adept at climbing ropes. She had run wild for much of her life, and took up thieving until the law caught her. Otik Sandeth, owner of the Inn of the Last Home, took her in and adopted her, trying to give her a skill that didn’t have to do with thievery.

Tika began work as a barmaid for her adopted father Otik in 346 AC, at the age of fourteen. She had always had a fascination with magic and admired Raistlin Majere for his ability to use magic. Though she admired Raistlin, she adored Caramon Majere and always flirted with him. She also had a great fear of heights for some unknown reason.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, Tika told the Companions to sneak out the back of the Inn when Hederick sought their arrest for possession of the Blue Crystal Staff. She also told them to hide in her home in Solace until things blew over.

After the Companions left town, Solace was invaded by the Red Dragonarmy and the Inn was knocked down to the ground level. Tika continued her work as a barmaid, selling to the draconian soldiers that used the Inn.

When the Companions returned to Solace and were about to be arrested, she hit draconians over the head with her frying pan to try to stop them from capturing her friends. The Companions and Tika surrendered to the dark armies and were carted off to Pax Tharkas. While in the cart, Tika helped Theros Ironfeld, who had lost his arm to a sword stroke.

While en route to Pax Tharkas, elves attacked the slave caravan and freed Tika, along with the other human slaves and the Companions. She tagged along with the Companions to the elven city of Qualinost and helped them plan the attack on Pax Tharkas to free the slaves there. While in the city, she was given the ceremonial armor of Gilthanas’ mother to wear.

Tika journeyed to Pax Tharkas, assisted in freeing the slaves and took them to the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. She continued on to Tarsis to aid in finding safer lands for the former slaves. The Red Dragon Inn was appropriately attacked by red dragons, who flattened it to the ground and trapped her in the basement with Caramon, Raistlin, and Tanis. They were freed by Alhana Starbreeze’s griffins and taken to Silvanesti to assist in freeing the Silvanesti lands.

When the group enters Silvanesti, they are immediately thrust in Lorac’s Nightmare. In the dream, she was attacked by undead elves and swung her sword carelessly. While doing that, she killed Flint Fireforge who had appeared in the dream. She stared down in horror at what she had done, and was cut down by the undead elves. She woke up when the Companions defeated the dream, and she stayed with the group through Balifor and on to Flotsam. She worked as a dancer in their troupe, called the Red Wizard and His Wonderful Illusions, and made quite a few men fall in love with her.

While in Flotsam, she and the Companions boarded the Perechon to escape the Dragonarmies. While sailing, the Perechon kept the blue dragon Skie and its master Kitiara at bay by sailing close to the Maelstrom of the Blood Sea, but it was caught in the whirlpool. Raistlin magically left the Perechon before it sank, and Tika and her friends were carried into the depths of the Blood Sea. She awoke to find herself in a room alone with Caramon. She wanted to stay under the ocean in what was revealed to be the city of Istar. She met a Dargonesti Elf by the name of Apoletta and a magic user by the name of Zebulah who freed them from the ruins of Istar, and sent her and her friends to a beach near Kalaman.

When the Companions led an assault on Neraka, Caramon and Tanis dressed up in dragonarmy uniforms and led Tika, Tas, and Berem in as prisoners. All were thrown into the dungeon, save Tanis. When all hell began to break loose in Neraka, Tika and Tas ran for their lives from the soldiers, and were stopped at a locked door resembling a door seen in their dream from Silvanesti. Tika held off the draconian guards as Tas worked on the lock from the door. Tika took a hard knock on the head by a draconian and she went unconscious until Caramon arrives with Raistlin, who saved both her and Tas by convincing some draconians to help carry her and Tas out from the Temple.

Upon exiting the city of Neraka, Tika met up with the rest of her friends and decided to return to Solace with Caramon.

Time Leading up to the Age of Mortals

Following the War of the Lance, Tika married Caramon Majere and moved to Solace. She watched her husband take to the rebuilding of Solace with a passion, but also watched him sink into deep depression since Raistlin was no longer around. She took over managing the Inn and tried to save enough money to buy the Inn, but Caramon continued to drink their money away and she had to take a little money from the Inn’s cash drawer to pay their bills. All through this, she still had nightmares of her journey through the Silvanesti nightmare. Eventually, she kicked Caramon out of the house and sent him on his way after Crysania with Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Following Caramon’s trip through time after his brother and Crysania, and the battle of the Blue Lady’s War, her love with Caramon blossomed to its highest levels in their lives. She gave birth to sons Tanin, Sturm, and Palin, and to daughters Laura and Dezra. She noticed that Tanin and Sturm took to war and weapons very naturally, but was very worried when Palin showed an interest in magic like his uncle Raistlin. She told Palin that he may only study magic if he took the white robes of a good wizard.

During this time, she finally bought the Inn of the Last Home from Otik, sold her and Caramon’s home, and moved the family into the Inn. There they lived until Tanin and Sturm went off as Knights and Palin accompanied them as a wizard.

Age of Mortals

During the Chaos War, her sons Tanin and Sturm were killed, breaking her heart, and she watched as Palin was taken prisoner by Dark Knights and taken away from her. She assisted in the defense of Solace from Dark Knights and then Chaos’s forces.

Her only known grandchildren are Ulin Majere and Linsha Majere, who called her “Grammy”. She loved both dearly.

When the Heroes of the Heart were in their greatest need, Tika and Caramon traveled to Palanthas from the Inn of the Last Home and delivered part of the ancient dragonlance to Dhamon Grimwulf. She was Caramon’s voice of reason when Palanthas was attacked, and convinced him to stay behind and “protect” her instead of rushing off to battle.

Tika passed away of old age in the winter of 420 AC, and was joined a few months later by her husband Caramon, who died on Midyear’s Day of 421 AC. She was buried next to her sons Tanin and Sturm and a vallenwood tree was planted over her grave.


Tika was good with daggers and bashing people over the head with a frying pan. Her fighting style was that of a barroom brawler, even when fighting with a sword, but that wasn’t her weapon of choice.

Kender Tales

Some said she had other sons and daughters, including Leaf Majere, Kalin Majere, Dezerell Majere, Melody Majere, and Kaitlin Majere, but this was not true.


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