Other Names:Luin (Ergoth)

  • Lutar (Ancient Plainsmen)
  • Maid of Illusion (Mithas)
  • Night Candle (Thorbardin)
  • Red-Eye (Goodlund)
  • Veiled Maiden
  • Lunis/Lunias (Imperial League)
  • Ferros (Nylgai Hadirnoe)
  • Yergas the Goddess of Night
  • Luita
  • Anasjovheerthol (Gnomoi)
  • Yerita (Steamwall Mountains)
Symbol:Red circle or sphere.
Celestial Symbol:The red moon, Lunitari.
Portfolio:Neutral Magic

Lunitari (loo-nuh-tah-ree) is the god of neutral magic, and is sponsor to the Order of the Red Robes. She is known to be a trickster by creating illusions to confuse people to amuse and entertain herself. For a vivacious young woman, she seeks total balance in the world of magic between her two cousins.

Lunitari is the daughter of Gilean, which it is said that she was born fully formed from his thoughts. She has no bothers or sisters, but two ambitious cousins in Solinari and Nuitari.


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