Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Other Names:The Alchemist

  • Firemaster
  • the Flowing Flame
  • the Wizard (Mithas)
  • Sirr’ushush (Bakali)
  • Sinar (Imperial League)
  • Udras the Alchemist (gnomoi, minoi)
Symbol:Multicolored fire, flames.
Celestial Symbol:The planet Sirrion.

Sirrion is the god of alchemy, creativity, passion, and transformation. He is master of flames, and sculpts the fire of the soul into beautiful forms. He was brought from the Beyond by Gilean, and is said to provide the fire for Reorx’s worldforge and the spark of divinity within all life. Artists, alchemists, and lovers are his followers.

His clerics must tend to an ever-burning flame in his home or a temple of Sirrion. They also act as firefighters, and are knowledgeable in the use of fire to clean out the old and make way for the new.

Sirrion is said to have formed his mate, Shinare, from wondrous metals. The two are close, though their relationship is characterized by fiery debate. Amongst the humans of the Imperial League, Sirrion is worshipped and commonly depicted as a fiery goddess known as Sinar.


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